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Eatery | ˈēdərē |

Eatery is a casual or informal word for a place to buy and eat prepared food. A diner is one kind of eatery, and a Chinese restaurant is another. You might have a favorite eatery among all the choices on a college campus, or know of an all-night eatery where you can get a snack at three a.m. Eatery was first used right around 1901, from eat, with its Old English root of etan, "to eat, devour, or consume."


Quality +


Busy New York City, filled with even more bustling people.

No time to grab a table and be served by a waiter at fine dining.

Busy work life deserves more than quick bite and junk.

Taste and feel of a home-cooked meal with freshest ingredients without giving up the convenience of grab-and-go.


What's for lunch?

To think of what to eat at every meal is indeed a lot harder than we think.

Never-ending question.

We offer hundreds of choices from sandwiches to salads, from hot and cold food bar to tacos and burgers, from bibimbap and ramen to sushi and udon, and much much more!

You name it. We will make it!

We Offer More

Fast & Free Delivery




Online Order

Whichever you prefer, we will deliver fast and free most of the midtown Manhattan area.




Business meeting

Cocktail reception

Office luncheon


Afternoon picnic

Any special occasion


Enormous seating area

Over 200 seatings on the premises can accommodate any large gatherings.

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